Joined a sweepstake and got a deal on 4 year 104 issues of ESPN Magazine

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Nowadays, shopping is redefined totally with Groupon, Living social and other daily deals sites.  With Internet to assist us, most of the business and domestic shopping is done online.  Added to this, there are innumerable trusted sites like groupon and living social who are offering deals, sweepstakes, coupons and various add-ons.  Hence, shopping is now not all cumbersome or tedious but the required things are delivered at the doorsteps with no additional cost (most of the online purchases offer free shipping facilities).  I had always thought that the digitally multi-colored sports magazines were always expensive and my curiosity to know the price made me subscribe for the best sports magazine, ESPN.  This exclusive sports magazine carries along with it, interviews, pictures, reviews and results etc of not one sport but varieties of sports.  I feel it is a sports enthusiast’s treasured magazine.

deals extra, in charge of promoting the subscription sales of ESPN magazine had put up a very unique and special offer on subscription of the magazine for 1,2,3 and 4 years.  I was stunned to learn that such a wonderful and informative magazine would be mine @ 1/- per issue and free shipping i.e., I pay $104 and enjoy 104 issues of ESPN for a period spanning 4 Years. Isn’t that really great!

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Squared spectacle frame

glasses  Free PhotoGlasses never have been a style statement or an item which could be boated about. I have been an eye patient since my childhood. I remember wearing those thick pieces of glasses over my eyes that would cover up my little face in such an ugly fashion, the little people used to kid me, mock me and I had nothing else to do besides shying away and passing off the situation in a hasty way. The situation I narrated was something I used to face almost every other day. I was reduced in my esteem, in my confidence and in my respect quotient. I would like sometimes that I could throw away these pieces of glasses that kept hanging over my eyes thus making me a source of mockery and fun. Once while surfing the internet I came across the site which displayed E-shopping for various types of cool glass frames that could be adjusted very well according to your face and looks. I was so excited and so very happy at the simple sight of the advertisement. I looked through various designs, and picked up the one with square edges that would uplift my face features.

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On getting a Rolex on my birthday

Wrist Watch Free PhotoBirthdays have been always a very special kind of occasion for almost all of us. Indeed for me they have remained simply special and pleasant since my first birthday celebration. It is the duke of my parents and my brother who always make my birthday so unique and so special.

I still remember my brother gifting me little lollipops and candies, thus making my day a very huge kind of celebration. I am the youngest in my family, therefore I am the most loved and pampered child of my parents and brother. The love and care that I have been shown by them always had remained immense. This is my eternal prayer from almighty that the showers of blessings may remain, so always, I may keep receiving their blessings in the form of love always. This year also my birthday was very special live up moment for me as I was gifted a Rolex N 7 by my elderly brother. He knows my choice and preference so well and keeping in my essence and likeness for watches, and accessories he very well picked me up a choicest gift, the most precious and awesome gift. you may shop rolex watches here:

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My new android cell phone

Smart phone Free PhotoThis festival season I had planned to pick up a good quality cell phone which could assist me always as I remain busy all throughout the year in roaming throughout the country. I wanted a cell phone which may suffice both my needs of a lavish phone and may give me a very good back up for all my contacts, mails, and sms. Perhaps in this 24×7 world connectivity is a much needed feature. Lack of communication and connectivity causes a lot of inconveniences every time you try to approach or get close to a contact or a person. After researching a little I concluded to get myself an android supported touch pad and touch screen Samsung or apple cell phone. These I phones or Smartphone’s really extenuate the capacity of your smartness, increasing the charts on your smartness quotient. I am happy to get one as and what I have decided to buy for me. The features of the I-phone are pretty satisfying and I have become a very real kind of fan of my new device, my android supported I phone.  The pixels of the camera are just too good.

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Wall painting

Happy Painting Kids Free PhotoI was never a bright student of arts, nor did art ever fascinate me to an extent of lunatics. I admired it although but never had the courage of picking up the brush and pencils and paint an exquisite painting. Perhaps that remained my weak point till date. Whenever I used to go to these art exhibitions and art galleries, these did fascinate me, as I was simple unable to explore the mystery behind them each time. Each time I used to see them I acknowledge the art and craft of the hands behind the marvelous work.

I would think that how can a living person think so beyond the horizon and carve out something so unseen, so vivid that becomes the choicest and the most famous ultimately. In such action of thoughts, it happened to me finally. It was pretty unusual of its kind but I wanted to do it and I was so doing it very neatly. It was something very incredible and unbelievable t o my friends and sundry as I was having a brush in my one hand and a pencil in the other ready to design something outstanding.

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